Why the new Laptops are so Cheap?

Welcome to this open conversation. Today I will talk about “Why the new Laptops are so Cheap?”. Let’s clear out from the beginning, not all the new laptops are cheap. But there are models of laptops with a price that is Unrealisticly LOW. here I have one of those laptops, just watch this video.

This is one of those laptops where everything is soldered and integrated on the motherboard, who is on the other hand so small that when you gonna open the bottom cover of the laptop you get the feeling that there is nothing inside the laptop. But that’s it. The technology of Integration will go even further. In the moment of writing this post (2020), semiconductor manufacturing is made with a 5nm process. In the future, there are intentions to go even further through 3nm up to 2nm, whereby my opinion will be the limit with this semiconductor material (Silicon). But who knows. Maybe we gonna find some new semiconductor materials, and maybe will this go on. That will let the future decide. Thank you for reading, and you have your own opinion please respond in comments.