TRAVELER TV 6500 Driver Software Download

TRAVELER TV 6500 Here we have the Driver and Software ready for download for Film Scanner Traveler TV 6500 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, for both 32 and 64 bit versions.
I lost a precious time to find it, so i decide to share the installations with you.
Here are the links for download:

If you cannot install the drivers for Windows 10, you can buy this new model of film scanner:

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  1. I have baught a Traveler Film Scanner FS 6600 but I lost the instellation disk. I need to reinstall the driver. Can someone help?

  2. Please advise me, Do you have software for my Apple Macbook Pro to operate my Traveler Film Scanner TV 6500 SF, which at the moment will only operate on my PC? I look forward to your reply.

  3. Thankyou so much for your time & trouble. Just discovered my 6500 after years in a cupboard. Gonna try download driver now.

  4. Ich habe einen Traveler TV-6500, der unter WIN7 gelaufen ist. Nun habe ich WIN10 auf dem Rechner und der Scanner wird vom Rechner nicht erkannt. Wo bekomme ich einen Driver für den Scanner her? Wer kann mir helfen?
    I have a Traveler TV-6500 which has passed under Win7. Now I have WIN10 on the computer and the scanner is not recognized by the computer. Where can I find a driver for the scanner from? Who can help me?

    • Hello my friend. Sorry i can’t help you with windows 10. Traveler TV-6500 isn’t even intended to work with Windows 7 neither, but i somehow manage to get it work.
      But, you can try this:
      – try to install the driver with the update driver through Device Manager
      – install application with Compatibility Mode with Windows 7 (or lower)

    • I have got the TV-6500 working on W11. I used the installation disk following the supplied instructions. The PC seemed to stick on the restart. I did several hard close-downs and eventually the PC seemed to be ok. I couldn’t see the TV6500 so I reinstalled from the disk successfully. Just glad I tried on an old laptop and not on the vital desktop.

  5. But there is no download here‼
    My PC runs with win10 64, and I would like to try the win 7 64 version in compatibility mode.

    • Just checked, the downloads are fine, just click on the corresponding images for driver and for software. But, probably not gonna work on a 64-bit OS.

  6. Win7 x64, scanner is detected as “medion md86289” (no drivers required).
    Same thing in win XP sp3 (generic usb webcam).
    Instaling drivers didn’t help, as they are apparently for some “OVT Scanner” 🙁
    Same goes for “BlazePhoto” app, completely useless for me…
    Photoshop (cs2, in win xp) detects device as wia-usb video device.
    If i use it like that, i only get 176×144 pic size (same thing with BlazePhoto).
    There aren’t many setings, and i can’t change image size anywhere.
    Only way i can get image in native size is with some video capture apps (amcap, virtual dub…).
    Problem is that those apps aren’t made for taking pictures…
    Anyone having similar porblems?

      • I have recently acquired a TV-6500 SF with original SW CD. When I installed SW on my old PC running windows Vista I was immediately directed to your site to update to the latesrpt SW This seemed to go ok but when I activated acquire mode a pop up appeared saying that an error had occurred and that the application would have to be closed by Windows I retried on a second machine also running Vista and the same error happened. Do I have to install only the original SW or is there a bug fix

  7. Also unser Traveler ist da. Die Software, die wir dazu bestellt haben, ist sehr kompliziert, aber dann haben wir es nach ein paar Stunden doch geschafft, damit klar zukommen. Wahrscheinlich kommt man aber auch ohne die zusätzliche Software aus und es reicht die vom Scanner. Die Qualität ist super, da sind wir sehr zufrieden. Ab und zu mal sieht man rechts oder links einen schwarzen Strich vom Dia, aber das ist nachher einfach zu bearbeiten.

  8. Hallo Sven,
    funktionieren die Treiber für den Traveler 6500, die hier zum download angeboten werden?
    Meine Treiber-CD habe ich leider nicht mehr

  9. I just came to leave a comment of GRATITUDE!
    Thank you so much for finding and providing us with this driver, man!
    With the original drivers I got a black screen from the Traveler scanner, but with your driver, even the original software works now! Thank you!!!

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