Lenovo 500-15ISK disassembly

Lenovo 500 15ISK disassembly

Here we have a laptop Lenovo 500-15ISK, that comes with a problem: won’t charge and won’t start. The first thing we do is that we check the power adapter. The adapter is good. y the way the adapter is a square type and here is an explanation how you can check this type of adapters.

Lenovo 500 15ISK disassemblyYou can check the voltage with Voltmeter as shown in the picture and for the Resistance between the ground and middle pin you should measure when the adapter is plugged off the power.

But let’s get back to the laptop. First, we do the disassemble. The procedure of disassembling of Lenovo 500 15ISK is shown in the next video.

Because this laptop has a problem with charging but the adapter is good, the second we come to mind is the battery charge control chip. But, the power module on this laptop is very complicated, and the chip by itself has all the possible self-protection, so it makes almost impossible the be broken. The chip is BQ24780. Here is the image, of the chip and below, is a datasheet for this chip.Lenovo 500-15ISK disassembly

The datasheet for BQ24780: The motherboard of the laptop is:


LA-C851P Rev:1.0

Here some images from the motherboard:

Only we couldn’t find schematic for this motherboard so if anyone have it and want to shere please write in comments. Thanks in advance.

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