JAVA vs Google Chrome

All Java online based application need the latest version JAVA to run well. But, with version 42 of Google Chrome (released April 2 2015), the Google Chrome change the standard way in which browsers support plugins.


Because of this we need to make some adjustments so how we can Enable JAVA in Google Chrome.

We begin with this. Write (or copy) this line in your browser address bar:


When we do this, this page will open:

java2Here we click on the Enable button as shown on the picture. After this we restart the browser.

On the next startup, we need to check whether our JAVA plugin is Enabled, by clicking on the next link:

 When the page will be loaded, we need to allow the plugin to be loaded as shown on the next picture:

java3After that a new windows will popup:

java4Here we select “Run”. And if everything is OK, we should see this:


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