HP Proliant ML110 G5 Windows Server 2012 Installation and Drivers

HP Proliant ML110 G5 Windows Server 2012 Installation and Drivers


Here we help with the installation of HP Proliant ML110 G5 Server with Windows Server 2010 Operating System and provide the drivers also.

You begin with the installation by the usual way using a bootable CD or USB. On the beginning of the installation, you gonna need an AHCI or so-called SATA RAID Driver. This driver, together with all other drivers is packed in a single rar file that can be downloaded from this link below;


After the download, you unrar the file, and inside you will have this content:


In the SATA RAID folder is AHCI driver. Transfer the content from this folder to a Fresh Formatted USB Drive.

During the beginning of the installation, when this screen will be shown:


you need to insert the USB drive with AHCI driver and Click on Browse button to locate the driver path, as shown in the next picture:


After that click OK, and this image will be next to see:


After that click on Next button and you will come to the disk partitioning step, which all we know how to do.

After the installation is complete, you only need to install the other drivers that you already have downloaded before, and the installation is complete.

This procedure is shown here because we have a little difficulty with installing this server which is little bit “old” for Windows Server 2012 and doesn’t have drivers for this operating System on the HP official support site.

If you want to buy a new model of HP Proliant ML110 server, you can follow this link:

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