Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 Installation


Here we gonna present how to install Fujitsu Server Primergy TX1310 M1 with Windows Server 2012 Operating System.

The servers usually are installed in a RAID-1 (MIRROR) configuration, because this configuration is most secure for data storage. If one of the hard drives fail, we can use the other drive for data recovery.

Our server have a 2 hard drives, so we gonna go with RAID-1.

We need to enter in BIOS, pressing F2, and setup instead AHCI -> RAID mode.


Save BIOS changes and reboot.


After that, you need to setup RAID Stripe, ad install the Operating System. The whole procedure is shown in the next video:

Just to notice that during installation you gonna need the SATA RAID Driver, and all other driver need to be installed after the installation. All the drivers can be Downloaded from the Fujitsu Official Support Site.

If you want to see the unboxing of this server and what’s inside, you can see on this video:

If you want to buy this model of server you can use the link below:

3 Replies to “Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 Installation”

  1. Hello. thanks for the instructions. I couldn’t repair my old disks. I couldn’t make a post-sector copy. I need a Fujitsu Windows server 2012 r2 oundation YEAR 1 PC. Are you in possession of such an image and its sharing.

  2. When I set the SATA drives to RAID it automatically returns to AHCI. This is on my Fujitsu Primergy TX1310 M1. I am very new to Server computers but one has to be willing to learn new things.
    I did come across the BIOS jumpers just to the front of the RAM. How to I set it to clear the BIOS and start anew?

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