Best Hard Drives for the money

We all know that the Hard Drive is the slowest and the only mechanical component of the PC, so choosing the right Hard Drive you actually can speed up your computer. Talking about speed just a little turnaround about the types of hard drives:


  • 1,8″ (used in some laptops)
  • 2,5″ (used in the most of the laptops)
  • 3,5″ (used in desktop PC’s, DVR’s and etc.)

Connector type:

  • PATA
  • SATA
  • M.2
  • USB

The PATA uses a Parallel communication protocol through a 40-pin cable. SATA uses a Serial communication protocol and a lot quicker than the PATA. The M.2 is the latest connector used for the Hard Drives and is used mainly for the solid-state drives. The M.2 enables the Hard Drive to be directly connected to the BUS allowing real communication speeds within the range of 1.5GB/s at the moment of the writing of this post. The USB connector type is usually used for the external hard drives. There are more USB type connectors: USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and the latest USB Type-C.


  • Mechanical with magnet storage
  • Solid State

The magnetic storage hard drives are the most used in the moment of writing this post, but since the price of Solid State Drives starts to fall down, they starting to become standard in the newest PC’s, at least as a primary partition when the operating system is installed.


  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 4TB
  • 10TB

These capacities mentioned before are the most used at the most used at the moment of writing. WIth starting capacity of 500G up to a capacity of 10TB. But not the price has a linear addiction with the price of the hard drive. Usually, the price of the hard drive starts to rise high as we reach the maximum available on the market. For example at this moment for the price of a 10TB hard drive, you can buy 3 hard drives from 4TB, with who you have a 12TB capacity.

At this moment we begin to analyze the market and we gonna select the best hard drives for the money and we gonna do this analysis every month, because as we said at the beginning, the Hard Drive is the slowest component from the PC, and we need to select the best for the money to have the fastest PC for lower price.

Here is what you can find on the market:

  • Magnetic Hard Drives SATA:

  • SSD Hard Drives SATA

  • SSD Hard Drives M.2

  • External Hard Disk Drives USB 3.0

  • USB Type-C Hard Disk Drives


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