ASUS USB not working

ASUS USB ports not working


Here we gonna give a short tutorial how to make USB Ports of the ASUS laptop (new models) work on a Windows 7 Operating System.

The ” Clue” is that the BIOS setting on the new ASUS model are set for new versions of Windows, like Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. But, if you install Windows 7, the USB ports won’t work.

The whole procedure will be explain with pictures.

First, we enter the BIOS.


Next, we select the Advanced menu.


In the Advanced menu, we select, USB Configuration.


Here, by default, XHCI-Pre Boot Mode is set to be Enabled.


We click on Enter, and we select to be Disabled.


And Click Enter again to confirm.


All that left now is to Save Changes and Exit, and the USB ports will start working.


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